eVero ICM™ - Unify Patient Data

Track, monitor, and share data between multiple organizations in real time. Better understand every individual's full continuum of care.

Data needs to be connected.

Too often, we run into visibility and accessibility issues when data is collected and saved in multiple places. Databases need to be interconnected and EHRs need to 'talk' in real-time. When data is isolated, it is inherently limited. With eVero ICM™, we solve this limitation by connecting databases of different organizations and allowing them to communicate fluidly together.

Data needs to be person-centered.

Every person's care is unique to them. People can receive different types of care and services, and all of this information needs to be accessible and easy to understand. With our platform, we make sure that the data follows the person. This way, each organization that serves any individual can keep track of the care they're receiving.

Data needs to show the big picture.

The highest quality of care can only be achieved when an individual's data is properly connected. Every organization and service provider that is involved in a person's care needs to be able to see the big picture in order to make the best decisions. Our API, integrations, and industry-leading partners allow this to happen.

We want you to feel confident with your data.

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What do our customers think?

  • Mary Knox
    Not enough can be said about the incredible customer service at eVero. Even when everything is falling apart, you can pick up the phone and know they’re there to help you, which gives you all the peace of mind you could need. As the Chief Operating Officer, I couldn’t ask for anything better than the customer service, time, and support provided by the staff at eVero.
    Mary Knox
    Chief Operating Officer at Heavens Hands
  • Yeimi Korsberg
    eVero has helped to reduce the amount of time spent in calculating the remaining hours for individuals in our employment programs.
    Yeimi Korsberg
    Director of Employment Options at LifeStyles for the Disabled
  • Bryan Rothenstein
    Enter eVero, who introduced us to a system that digitized the entire process and cut immeasurable time. This now allows our managers to provide more support to their staff, as well as a greater presence within the homes of the families with whom we provide supports and services.
    Bryan Rothenstein
    Director of Staff Development and Training at Heaven’s Hands