EMPOWER™ for NY Self-Direction

Core features for each type of End User

Support Brokers

  • Dashboard view of all Individuals assigned to a caseload by an organization
  • Budgets are created, validated, imported, or exported right from within the system
  • Electronically generate and view the status of amendments
  • Electronically generate and view the status of billing invoices
  • Document Broker meetings and agreements
  • Real-time view of the Year-to-Date Actual spending
  • View remaining hours in the Budget whenever service documentation is created in order to track balance
  • Single Sign On for multiple FI agencies to create an easier workflow for Brokers

Fiscal Intermediaries

  • View all Individuals with a snapshot of their PRA and Budget amounts
  • Process Broker billing and cut payments from an integrated Accounts Payable system
  • Process invoices and reimbursement requests to an integrated Accounts Payable system
  • Statuses of payments are shared with external Family and Broker portals for elevated transparency
  • Automated billing to an integrated Billing system allows for expedited processing and includes thorough billing rules for each applicable service type to ensure compliancy
  • Payroll comparison view of Employee Time with Direct Billable Time and approval process

MyeVeroPortal™ for Individuals & Family

  • The Individual retains Budget Authority with an individualized dashboard in the MyeVeroPortal™
  • The Individual can choose their Circle of Support and grant access to their portal as they wish
  • Ability to upload invoice and reimbursement requests
  • Validation rules guide the correct selection for category to ensure an accurate dollar amount remaining
  • Receive automated monthly expenditure reports from the FI team within the portal
  • Ability to view and approve Self-Hired Staff Billable time and Broker Billable time
  • Real-time year-to-date Budget view is instantly accessible and provides full transparency

Self-Hired Staff

  • Punch in/punch out in the same system where service documentation is collected
  • Service documentation is always based on the most current Habilitation Plan created by the Broker and approved by the Fiscal Intermediary team
  • View a visual representation of the time to the next billable unit to optimize utilization
  • Can operate with functionality online or offline, so time can always be accounted for
  • Report punch in/punch out issues in the app and communicate required changes to the supervisory team
  • Single Sign On passes directly through to the Payroll portal when available with your integrated Payroll system

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What do our customers think?

  • Mary Knox
    Not enough can be said about the incredible customer service at eVero. Even when everything is falling apart, you can pick up the phone and know they’re there to help you, which gives you all the peace of mind you could need. As the Chief Operating Officer, I couldn’t ask for anything better than the customer service, time, and support provided by the staff at eVero.
    Mary Knox
    Chief Operating Officer at Heavens Hands
  • Yeimi Korsberg
    eVero has helped to reduce the amount of time spent in calculating the remaining hours for individuals in our employment programs.
    Yeimi Korsberg
    Director of Employment Options at LifeStyles for the Disabled
  • Bryan Rothenstein
    Enter eVero, who introduced us to a system that digitized the entire process and cut immeasurable time. This now allows our managers to provide more support to their staff, as well as a greater presence within the homes of the families with whom we provide supports and services.
    Bryan Rothenstein
    Director of Staff Development and Training at Heaven’s Hands