eVero Mobile Applications

Turn your phone into a powerful extension of your organization

As technology evolves, so does the potential for organizations to effectively administer care services to a wider group of people. At eVero, we recognize that many people need quick, secure access to data that is reliable, easily shareable, fully encrypted, and accurate in real-time. That's where our industry-leading Native Mobile Applications come in!

digitalAGENCY™ Mobile

Take our EHR system is right in the palm of your hands! Access your data 24/7/365 and always know that you're HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant. Now, you can deliver quicker, higher quality care as digitalAGENCY™ Mobile helps to keep you in complete control of the electronic health records you manage.

Download digitalAGENCY™ Mobile

Self-Direction Family Mobile App

The MyCarePortal™ for Individuals and Families makes accessing your Self-Direction Budget easier than ever before. Choose your Circle of Support, and grant access to your individualized dashboard as you wish. Upload invoices, received automated monthly expenditure reports, approve Self-Hired Staff billable time, and more - right from the comfort of your smartphone.

Download the MyCarePortal™ App

eVero Telehealth™ Mobile

Agencies currently have the opportunity to provide telehealth services, or healthcare provided by remote means of telecommunications. eVero Telehealth™ Mobile brings the eVero Telehealth solution to the palm of your hands, allowing Individuals and families to connect to the eVero Telehealth conference session on a mobile device.

Download eVero Telehealth™ Mobile

Please note that these mobile applications are only available directly through the eVero Corporation website; you won't find them in the App Store or Google Play.