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eVero's Ongoing Response to COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, we have been taking immediate actions to adapt our systems and processes in order to meet the demands of evolving guidance from governing organizations.

Following recent regulatory changes, agencies now have the opportunity to provide telehealth services, or healthcare provided by remote means of telecommunications. This new guidance allows staff to support individuals through phone or video conferencing.

The Development Team at eVero designed, created, and released new integrated technology in order to support these changes and capture the required data elements for ensuring compliance. By adapting existing workflows and implementing a multi-phase release, the team was able to incorporate Telehealth to our web-based software solutions with the least amount of disruption to staff.

In early May, the Development Team at eVero finalized our new mobile application, eVero Telehealth™ Mobile. This new mobile application will allow Individuals and families to connect to the eVero Telehealth conference on a mobile device.

Along with creating these Telehealth solutions, our team has created tools in order to help agencies quickly gather and retrieve information requested in spreadsheet format. We have streamlined the collection of qualitative and non-billable information, and automated the queue of billable retainer days based on the recommended requirements.

We have also created a hub for centralized information to post all updates, guides, registration for webinars, and other relevant information. This can be accessed by eVero clients via covid19.evero.com using their regular software credentials. Additionally, new weekly webinars have created open and transparent communication, as well as a forum for questions and answers.

The team at eVero Corporation understands this is a challenging time for all, and we will do our part in supporting agencies to be successful as they continue to navigate these uncharted territories. We will continue to offer enhancements to our technology solutions for not-for-profit and health and human services agencies throughout the entirety of this pandemic.

Updated May 15th, 2020