Hero Spotlight: Bob Miller of Montauk, NY

On my family trips to Montauk, we have gotten to meet a very special person: Bob Miller. Bob is 32 years old and lives in Montauk. He has been teaching surf therapy to children with autism for over 10 years, and volunteers with A Walk on Water.

He has said, “I am so grateful that I’ve had all these amazing opportunities to give back. Children teach me, too.”

On Montauk shared the photos attached, as well as his story in September of 2017:

He gives more than any town could expect and respects Montauk in every way, asking nothing in return except her blessing. He’s that rare guy that wants to pay cover when he’s friends with the band. He loves and respects our waves, beaches, and perhaps most of all, our kids, to whom he devotes much of his time as lifeguard, surfing instructor, ocean rescuer, and swim coach. There is no fanfare about him, just quiet toil. He sometimes travels to heal and save, but always comes home to Montauk. He’s another selfless hero giving Montauk its great reputation.

Bob has spent almost as much time on the water as on land! But even as much as he loves being in the water, he loves to give back to his community of Montauk. He always shares his passion by teaching others. Little did he know that, when he started body surfing at Jones Beach at age five, he would grow up to teach swimming and surfing to kids in Montauk and all over the world.

I love that he teaches those with special needs, and even helps to save refugees on rafts in foreign seas. His love and compassion for others makes my heart smile.


Written By: Ashley Florscher

This blog post was written by a member of the eVero Outreach team. The Outreach program aims to teach individuals with disabilities marketable job skills, and enable them to find gainful employment. To learn more about eVero Outreach, click here.